Recovery Procedure

To restore a damaged master device, follow the recovery steps below, or use the sybrestore utility.

You have the option to use the sybrestore utility to restore an SAP ASE master database in the event of a master database corruption. See Master Database Restore in the Utility Guide.
  1. Find hard copies of the system tables needed to restore disks, databases and logins.
  2. Shut down SAP ASE, and use dataserver to build a new master database and master device.
  3. Restart SAP ASE in master-recover mode.
  4. Re-create the master database’s allocations in sysusages exactly.
  5. Update the Backup Server network name in the sysservers table.
  6. Verify that your Backup Server is running.
  7. Use load database to load the most recent database dump of master. SAP ASE stops automatically after successfully loading master.
  8. Update the number of devices configuration parameter in the configuration file.
  9. Restart SAP ASE in single-user mode.
  10. Verify that the backup of master has the latest system tables information.
  11. Restart SAP ASE.
  12. Check syslogins if you have added new logins since the last backup of master.
  13. Restore the model database.
  14. Compare hard copies of sysusages and sysdatabases with the new online version, run dbcc checkalloc on each database, and examine the important tables in each database.
  15. Dump the master database.