Upgrading a Dump to the Current Version of SAP ASE

SAP ASE uses the dump header to determine from which version of SAP ASE it is loading.

After the dump header is read, and before Backup Server begins the load, the database is marked offline by load database or load transaction. This makes the database unavailable for general use (queries and use database are not permitted), provides the user greater control over load sequences, and eliminates the possibility that other users will accidentally interrupt a load sequence.

  1. Use load database and load transaction to load the dump to be upgraded.

  2. Use online database, after the dump has successfully loaded, to activate the upgrade process.
    Note: Do not issue online database until after all transaction dumps are loaded.

    For dumps loaded from versions 12.0 and later, online database activates the upgrade process to upgrade the dumps just loaded. After the upgrade is successfully completed, SAP ASE places the database online, and the database is ready for use.

    For dumps loaded from the version of SAP ASE you are currently running, no upgrade process is activated. You must still issue online database to place the database online—load database marks it as offline.

    Each upgrade step produces a message stating what it is about to do.

    An upgrade failure leaves the database offline and produces a message stating that the upgrade failed and the user must correct the failure.

    See the Reference Manual: Commands.

  3. After successful execution of online database, use dump database. The database must be dumped before a dump transaction is permitted. A dump transaction on a newly created or upgraded database is not permitted until a successful dump database has occurred.