Replicated Databases

You cannot bring replicated databases online until the logs are drained.

If you try to bring a replicated database online before the logs are drained, SAP ASE issues:

Database is replicated, but the log is not yet drained. This database will come online automatically after the log is drained.

When Replication Server, via the Log Transfer Manager (LTM), drains the log, online database is automatically issued.

The load sequence for loading replicated databases is: load database, replicate, load transaction, replicate, and so on. At the end of the load sequence, issue online database to bring the databases online. Databases that are offline because they are in a load sequence are not automatically brought online by Replication Server.

Warning!   Do not issue online database until all transaction logs are loaded.

Before you upgrade replicated databases to the current version of SAP ASE, the databases must be online. Refer to the installation documentation for your platform for upgrade instructions for SAP ASE users that have replicated databases.