Dropping the Databases

Use drop database to drop each database.

Note: If tables in other databases contain references to any tables in the database you are trying to drop, you must use alter table to remove the referential integrity constraints with before you can drop the database.
If the system reports errors because the database is damaged when you issue drop database, use:
dbcc dbrepair (mydb, dropdb)
If you are using a replicated database, use dbcc dbrepair to load a dump from a previous version of SAP ASE to a more current version. For example:
  • Loading a dump from a production system of an earlier version of SAP ASE into a test system of the current version SAP ASE, or,

  • In a warm standby application, initializing a standby database of the current version of SAP ASE with a database dump from an active database of an earlier version of SAP ASE.

See the Error Message and Troubleshooting Guide and Reference Manual: Commands.