Responding to Volume Change Requests

On UNIX and PC systems, use sp_volchanged to notify the Backup Server when the correct volumes have been mounted.

To use sp_volchanged, log in to any SAP ASE that can communicate with both the Backup Server that issued the volume change request and the SAP ASE that initiated the dump or load.

The Backup Server writes the vname in the ANSI tape label when overwriting an existing dump, dumping to a brand new tape, or dumping to a tape whose contents are not recognizable. During loads, the Backup Server uses the vname to confirm that the correct tape has been mounted. If you do not specify a vname, the Backup Server uses the volume name specified in the dump or load command. If neither sp_volchanged nor the command specifies a volume name, the Backup Server does not check this field in the ANSI tape label.