Truncating a Log that Has No Free Space

When the transaction log is very full, you may not be able to use your usual method to dump it.

If you used dump transaction or dump transaction with truncate_only, and the command failed because of insufficient log space, use the with no_log option of dump transaction:
 dump transaction database_name with no_log

This option truncates the log without logging the dump transaction event. Because it does not copy any data, it requires only the name of the database.

Warning!   Use dump transaction with no_log as a last resort, and use it only once after dump transaction with truncate_only fails. If you continue to load data after entering dump transaction with no_log, you may fill the log completely, causing any further dump transaction commands to fail. Use alter database to allocate additional space to the database.

All occurrences of dump tran with no_log are reported in the SAP ASE error log. Messages indicating success or failure are also sent to the error log. no_log is the only dump option that generates error log messages.