Determining the Database, Device, File Name, and Date

with listonly returns a brief description of each dump file on a volume.

with listonly = full provides greater detail. Both reports are sorted by SQL tape label.

Sample output for a load database command with listonly:
Backup Server: Device '/dev/nrst0':
File name: 'model9320715138  '
Create date & time: Monday, Jul 26, 2007, 23:58:48
Expiration date & time:  Monday, Jul 26, 2007, 00:00:00
Database name: 'model                         '
The following is sample output from with listonly = full
Backup Server: Device '/dev/nrst0':
Label id: 'HDR1'
File name:'model9320715138  '
Stripe count:0001
Device typecount:01
Archive volume number:0001
Stripe position:0000
Generation number:0001
Generation version:00
Create date & time:Monday, Jul 26, 2007, 23:58:48
Expiration date & time:Monday, Jul 26, 2007, 00:00:00
Access code:' '
File block count:000000
Sybase id string:
'Sybase  'Reserved:'       '
Backup Server: Device '/dev/nrst0':
Label id:'HDR2'
Record format:'F'
Max. bytes/block:55296
Record length:02048
Backup format version:01
Reserved:'   '
Database name:'model                         '
Buffer offset length:00
Reserved:'                            '
After listing all files on a volume, the Backup Server sends a volume change request:
Backup Server: Device /dev/nrst0: Volume cataloguing
Backup Server: OPERATOR: Mount the next volume to search.
Backup Server: EXECUTE sp_volchanged
@session_id = 5,
          @devname = '/dev/nrst0',
          @action = { 'PROCEED' | 'RETRY' | 'ABORT' },
          @fname = '   

The operator can use sp_volchanged to mount another volume and signal the volume change, or to terminate the search operation for all stripe devices.