Overriding the Default Message Destination

Backup Server messages inform the operator when to change tape volumes and how the dump or load is progressing. The default destination for these messages, which you can change, depends on whether the operating system offers an operator terminal feature.

The notify option, which appears in the with clause, allows you to override the default message destination for a dump or load. For this option to work, the controlling terminal or login session from which Backup Server was started must remain active for as long as Backup Server is working; otherwise, the sp_volchanged message is lost.

On operating systems that offer an operator terminal feature, volume change messages are always sent to an operator terminal on the machine where Backup Server is running. Use notify = client to route other Backup Server messages to the terminal session where the dump or load request initiated.

On systems such as UNIX, which do not offer an operator terminal feature, messages are sent to the client that initiated the dump or load request. Use notify = operator_console to route messages to the terminal where the remote Backup Server was started.