Dumping and Loading Databases with Password Protection

Protect your database dump from unauthorized loads using the password parameter of the dump database command.

You must then also include this password when you load the database.

See the Reference Manual: Commands.

Your password must be 6 – 30 characters long.

This example uses the password “bluesky” to protect the database dump of the pubs2 database:
dump database pubs2 to "/Syb_backup/mydb.db" with passwd = "bluesky"
This example loads the database dump using the same password:
load database pubs2 from "/Syb_backup/mydb.db" with passwd = "bluesky"

You can use the password-protected dump and load commands only with SAP ASE version 12.5.2 and later. If you use the password parameter on a dump of a 12.5.2 version of SAP ASE, the load fails if you try to load it on an earlier version of SAP ASE.

You can load the dump only to another server that uses the same character set. For example, if you attempt to load a dump from a server that uses an ASCII character set to a server that uses a non-ASCII character set, the load fails because the value of the ASCII password is different from the non-ASCII password.

Passwords entered by users are converted to SAP ASE local character set. Because ASCII characters generally have the same value representation across character sets, if a user’s password is in an ASCII character set, the passwords for dump and load are recognized across all character sets.