Identifying a Dump

When you dump a database or transaction log, Backup Server creates a default file name for the dump by concatenating aspects of the database name and the date and time of the dump.

SAP ASE concatenates the:
  • Last 7 characters of the database name

  • 2-digit year number

  • 3-digit day of the year (1 – 366)

  • Number of seconds since midnight, in hexadecimal

You can override this default using the file = file_name option. The file name cannot exceed 17 characters and must conform to the file naming conventions for your operating system.

You can specify a file name for each dump device. You can also specify a file name for all devices in the with clause. File names specified for individual devices take precedence over those specified in the with clause.

When you load a database or transaction log, use the file = file_name clause to specify which dump to load from a volume that contains multiple dumps.

When loading the dump from a multifile volume, you must specify the correct file name.

The following examples use a user-defined file-naming convention. The 15-character file name, mydb97jul141800, identifies the database (mydb), the date (July 14, 1997), and the time (18:00, or 6:00 p.m.) that the dump was made. Using the load command advances the tape to mydb97jul141800 before loading:
dump tran publications
    to "/dev/nrmt3"
load tran publications
    from "/dev/nrmt4"
    with file = "cations930590E100"
dump database mydb
    to "/dev/nrmt3"
    with file = "mydb97jul141800"
load database mydb
    from "/dev/nrmt4"
    with file = "mydb97jul141800"