Specifying a Remote Backup Server

Use the at backup_server_name clause to send dump and load requests over the network to a Backup Server that is running on another machine.

See the Reference Manual: Commands

Note: The compress:: option works only with local archives; you cannot use the backup_server_name option.

Sending dump and load requests over the network is ideal for installations that use a single machine with multiple tape devices for all backups and loads. Operators can be stationed at these machines, ready to service all tape change requests.

These examples dump to and load from the remote Backup Server called REMOTE_BKP_SERVER:
dump database pubs2 to "/dev/nrmt0" at REMOTE_BKP_SERVER
load database pubs2 from "/dev/nrmt0" at REMOTE_BKP_SERVER

The backup_server_name must appear in the interfaces file on the machine where SAP ASE is running, but does not need to appear in the sysservers table. The backup_server_name must be the same in both the local and the remote interfaces file.

The remote backup server name length limit for dump and load commands is 255 characters.