Loading Compressed Dumps

If you make a dump with the native compression= option, it does not require any specific syntax to load.

Note: This section describes issues pertinent to the compress:: option.

If you use dump ... compress:: to dump a database or transaction log, you must load this dump using the load ... compress:: option.

The partial syntax for load database ... compress:: and load transaction ... compress:: is:
load database database_name 
 from compress::stripe_device
…[stripe on compress::stripe_device]…
load transaction database_name 
 from compress::stripe_device
…[stripe on compress::stripe_device]…

The database_name in the syntax is the database you archived, and compress:: invokes the decompression of the archived database or transaction log. archive_name is the full path to the archived database or transaction log that you are loading. If you did not include a full path when you created your dump file, SAP ASE created a dump file in the directory in which you started SAP ASE.

If you use the compress:: option, it must be part of the stripe on clause for each dump device. If you use the compression= option, it is used once after the device list.

Note: Do not use the compression_level variable for the load command.

See the Reference Manual: Commands.

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