Tape Device Configuration File

The tape device configuration file contains tape device information that is used only by the dump command.

The format of the file is one tape device entry per line. Fields are separated by blanks or tabs.

The tape device configuration file is created only when Backup Server is ready to write to it. When Backup Server tries to write to this file for the first time, you see:

Warning, unable to open device configuration file for reading. Operating system error. No such file or directory.

Ignore this message. Backup Server gives this warning and then creates the file and writes the configuration information to it.

The only user interaction that is required is if the file occurs when the user receives this error message:

Device does not match the current configuration. Please reconfigure this tape device by removing the configuration file entry and issuing a dump with the INIT qualifier.

This means that the tape hardware configuration changed for a device name. Delete the line entry for that device name and issue a dump command, as instructed.

The default path name for the configuration file is $SYBASE/backup_tape.cfg, which you can change using the default location with the SAP installation utilities.