Schedule Backups of the sybsystemprocs Database

The sybsystemprocs database stores only system procedures. Restore this database by running the installmaster script, unless you make changes to the database.

If you change permissions on some system procedures, or create your own system procedures in sybsystemprocs, your two recovery choices are:

Like other system databases, sybsystemprocs stores its transaction log on the same device as the data. You must always use dump database to back up sybsystemprocs. By default, the trunc log on chkpt option is set to true (on) in sybsystemprocs, so you should not need to truncate the transaction log. If you change this database option, truncate the log when you dump the database.

If you are running on a UNIX system or PC, and you have only one SAP ASE that can communicate with your Backup Server, be sure that the entire dump of sybsystemprocs fits on a single dump device. Signaling volume changes requires sp_volchanged, and you cannot use this procedure on a server while sybsystemprocs is in the process of recovery.