Using Backup Server for Backup and Recovery

Dumps and loads are performed by an Open Server program, Backup Server, running on the same machine as SAP ASE. You can perform backups over the network, using Backup Server on a remote computer and another on the local computer.

Note: Backup Server cannot dump to multidisk volumes.
Backup Server:
The figure below shows two users performing backup activities simultaneously on two databases:

Each user issues the appropriate dump or load command from an SAP ASE session. SAP ASE interprets the command and sends remote procedure calls (RPCs) to the Backup Server. The calls indicate which database pages to dump or load, which dump devices to use, and other options.

While the dumps and loads execute, SAP ASE and Backup Server use RPCs to exchange instructions and status messages. Backup Server—not SAP ASE—performs all data transfer for the dump and load commands.

SAP ASE and Backup Server with Remote Backup Server
Graphic shows two users performing backup activities simultaneously on two databases. Graphic is described in the text above.

When the local Backup Server receives user1’s dump instructions, it reads the specified pages from the database devices and sends them to the remote Backup Server. The remote Backup Server saves the data to offline media.

Simultaneously, the local Backup Server performs user2’s load command by reading data from local dump devices and writing it to the database device.