Dumping and Loading Databases Across Platforms

SAP ASE allows you to dump and load databases across platforms with different endian architecture.

This means you can perform dump database and load database from either a big-endian platform to a little-endian platform, or from a little-endian platform to a big-endian platform.

In a big-endian system, the most significant byte of storage, such as integer or long, has the lower address. The reverse is true for a little-endian system.

Note: When you perform dump database and load database across platforms with the same endian architecture, user and system data do not require conversions. There are no limitations on operations when dumping and loading a database.

SAP ASE automatically detects the architecture type of the originating system of the database dump file during a load database, then performs the necessary conversions. Loads from older versions, such as 12.5.4, are supported. The dump and load can be from 32-bit to 64-bit platforms, and vice versa.

Platforms supported:


Sun Solaris




Linux IA


Sun Solaris x86

Stored procedures and other compiled objects are recompiled from the SQL text in syscomments at the first execution after the load database for certain combination platforms.