load database: Restoring the Entire Database

Use the load database command to load a backup that was created with dump database.

You can load the dump into a preexisting database or create a new database with the for load option. When you create a new database, allocate at least as much space as was allocated to the original database.

The load database command sets the database status to “offline.” This means you do not have to use the no chkpt on recovery, dbo use only, and read only options of sp_dboption before you load a database. However, no one can use a database during the database load and subsequent transaction log loads. To make the database accessible to users, issue the online database command.

After the database is loaded, SAP ASE may need to:

Depending on the number of unallocated pages or long transactions, this can take a few seconds, or many hours for a very large database. SAP ASE issues messages that it is zeroing pages or has begun recovery. These messages are normally buffered; to see them, issue:

set flushmessage on