Getting Information About Offline Databases and Pages

Use sp_listsuspect_db to see which databases have offline pages.

The following example displays general information about the suspect pages:
The database 'dbt1' has 3 suspect pages belonging to 2 objects.

Use sp_listsuspect_page to display detailed information about individual offline pages.

If you do not specify the dbname, the default is the current database.

The following example shows the detailed page-level output of sp_listsuspect_page in the dbt1 database

sp_listsuspect_page dbt1
DBName   Pageid       Object    Index   Access
-------- ------------ --------- ------- -------------------
dbt1     384          tab1      0       BLOCK_ALL
dbt1     390          tab1      0       BLOCK_ALL
dbt1     416          tab1      1       SA_ONLY

(3 rows affected, return status = 0)

If the value in the Access column is SA_ONLY, and the suspect page is 1, the suspect page is accessible only to users with the sa_role. If it is BLOCK_ALL, no one can access the page.

Any user can run sp_listsuspect_db and sp_listsuspect_page from any database.