Raising the Number of Suspect Pages Allowed

The suspect escalation threshold is the number of suspect pages at which recovery marks an entire database suspect, even if the recovery isolation mode is page.

By default, the suspect escalation threshold is set to 20 pages in a single database. Use sp_setsuspect_threshold to change the suspect escalation threshold. See the Reference Manual: Procedures

You configure recovery fault isolation and the suspect escalation threshold at the database level.

This example shows that the recovery isolation mode for the pubs2 database was page and the escalation threshold was 20 the last time recovery ran on this database (the current suspect threshold values). The next time recovery runs on this database, the recovery isolation mode is page and the escalation threshold is 30 (the configured values):
sp_setsuspect_granularity pubs2
DB Name  Cur. Suspect Gran.  Cfg. Suspect Gran.  Online mode
-------  ------------------  ------------------  -----------
pubs2    page                page                read/write
sp_setsuspect_threshold pubs2
DB Name       Cur. Suspect threshold   Cfg. Suspect threshold
------------- ------------------------ ----------------------
pubs2         20                       30

With no arguments, sp_setsuspect_granularity and sp_setsuspect_threshold display the current and configured settings for the current database, if it is a user database.