Truncating the Log After Automatic Checkpoints

System administrators can truncate the transaction log when SAP ASE performs an automatic checkpoint.

To set the trunc log on chkpt database option, which truncates the transaction log when an automatic checkpoint occurs, execute this command from the master database:
sp_dboption database_name, "trunc log on chkpt", true
This option is not suitable for production environments because it does not make a copy of the transaction log before truncating it. Use trunc log on chkpt only for:
  • Databases whose transaction logs cannot be backed up because they are not on a separate segment

  • Test databases for which current backups are not important

    Note: If you leave the trunc log on chkpt option set to off (the default condition), the transaction log continues to grow until you truncate it with the dump transaction command.

To protect your log from running out of space, design your last-chance threshold procedure to dump the transaction log.