Setting the Recovery Interval

Typically, automatic recovery takes anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes per database.

The amount of time depends on the size of the database, the size of the transaction log, and the number and size of the transactions that must be committed or rolled back.

Use sp_configure with the recovery interval in minutes parameter to specify the maximum permissible recovery time. SAP ASE runs automatic checkpoints often enough to recover the database within the period of time you specify.

The default value, 5, allows recovery within 5 minutes per database. To change the recovery interval to 3 minutes, use:
sp_configure "recovery interval in minutes", 3
Note: The recovery interval has no effect on long-running, minimally logged transactions (such as create index) that are active at the time SAP ASE fails. It may take as much time to reverse these transactions as it took to run them. To avoid lengthy delays, dump each database immediately after you create an index on one of its tables.