Configuring an 8-page I/O Buffer Pool

dbcc checkstorage requires a I/O buffer pool of one extent (8 data pages).

Use sp_poolconfig to configure the pool size and verify that the pool has been configured properly. The pool size is stored in the dbcc_config table.

The size of the dbcc checkstorage buffer pool is the page size multiplied by 16. The dbcc checkstorage buffer pool requirements for the different page sizes are:
  • (2KB page server) * (8 extents) = 16K buffer pool

  • (4KB page server) * (8 extents) = 32K buffer pool

  • (8KB page server) * (8 extents) = 64K buffer pool

  • (16KB page server) * (8 extents) = 128K buffer pool

The following example shows how to use sp_poolconfig to set a 16K buffer pool for “master_cache” on a server configured for 2K logical pages (the named cache is created for the master database):
sp_poolconfig "master_cache", "1024K", "16K"

The following example shows that the buffer pool for the private cache master_cache is set:

1> sp_poolconfig "master_cache"
2> go
Cache Name     Status    Type     Config Value Run Value
-------------  --------- -------- ------------ ------------
master_cache   Active    Mixed         2.00 Mb      2.00 Mb
                                 ------------ ------------
                         Total        2.00 Mb      2.00 Mb
Cache: master_cache,   Status: Active,   Type: Mixed
   Config Size: 2.00 Mb,   Run Size: 2.00 Mb
   Config Replacement: strict LRU,   Run Replacement: strict LRU
IO Size  Wash Size Config Size  Run Size     APF Percent
-------- --------- ------------ ------------ -----------
2 Kb     512 Kb    0.00 Mb      1.00 Mb      10
16 Kb    192 Kb    1.00 Mb      1.00 Mb      10
(return status = 0)

See the Reference Manual: Procedures.