Planning Workspace Size

dbcc requires a scan workspace and a text workspace.

Space requirements for these workspaces depend on the size of the largest database you are checking. To run concurrent dbcc checkstorage operations, set up additional workspaces.

Different databases can use the same workspaces. Therefore, the workspaces must be large enough to accommodate the largest database with which they will be used.

Note: sp_plan_dbccdb suggests workspace sizes—the following details for determining the workspace size are provided for background information only.

Each page in the target database is represented by one 18-byte row in the scan workspace. This workspace should be approximately 1.1 percent of the target database size.

Every non-null text column in the target database inserts a 22-byte row in the text workspace. If there are n non-null text columns in the target database, the size of the text workspace must be at least (22 * n) bytes. The number of non-null text columns is dynamic, so allocate enough space for the text workspace to accommodate future demands. The minimum space required for the text workspace is 24 pages.

Default Scan and Text Workspaces

Default scan and text workspaces are created when you run the installdbccdb script.

The name of the default scan workspace is def$scan$ws and its size is 256K. The default text workspace is named def$text$ws and its size is 128K. These default workspaces are used if you have not configured default workspaces and the target database does not have configured workspace values.