Executing dbcc checkverify

checkverify operates on the results of the last completed checkstorage operation for the specified database only.

When the checkverify operation is complete, SAP ASE returns:
DBCC checkverify for database name, sequence 
n completed at date time. n suspect conditions resolved as faults and n resolved as innocuous. 
n checks were aborted.

You can run checkverify automatically after running checkstorage by using sp_dbcc_runcheck.

You can exclude tables, faults, and table or fault combinations from checkverify. Use sp_dbcc_exclusions to indicate which items you want excluded from checkverify. sp_dbcc_exclusions is dynamic; that is, checkverify immediately excludes the items you specify in sp_dbcc_exclusions. Once you exclude these objects from checkverify, it does not report on them the next time you run the command.