Aborting with Error 100032

checkstorage may abort an object check when it encounters a page linkage error (100032).

checkstorage continues to verify the object if a more recent version of the page eliminates the page linkage error, or if the number of page linkage errors is fewer than the configured maximum linkage error value.

Use sp_dbcc_updateconfig to configure the maximum linkage error value. This example configures the great_big_db with a value of 8:
sp_dbcc_updateconfig great_big_db, "linkage error abort", "8"

See Reference Manual: Building Blocks > dbcc Stored Procedures.

checkstorage may abort its check before reaching the page linkage error when:
  • Concurrent updates on objects that use APL indexes disrupt the page linkage because checkstorage may not be able to access the rest of the page chain

  • An index is dropped during the page linkage check

Running checkstorage in a quiet state should reduce (or eliminate) the transient errors that lead to an aborted index check. To eliminate transient faults, run checkverify immediately after running dbcc checkstorage.