Checking Consistency of System Tables

dbcc checkcatalog checks for consistency within and between the system tables in a database.

For example, it verifies that:
  • Every type in syscolumns has a matching entry in systypes.

  • Every table and view in sysobjects has at least one column in syscolumns.

  • sysindexes is consistent, and fixes any errors

  • For each row in syspartitions, there is a matching row in sysegments.

  • The last checkpoint in syslogs is valid.

It also lists the segments defined for use by the database and fixes any errors it finds.

If you do not specify a database name, dbcc checkcatalog checks the current database:
dbcc checkcatalog (testdb)
Checking testdb
The following segments have been defined for database 5 (database name testdb).
virtual start addr      size      segments
--------------------    ------    --------------------------
33554432                4096       0
16777216                102        2
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, see your System