Optimizing the number of dtx participants

During peak periods, use sp_monitorconfig to examine the use of DTX participants to verify number of dtx participants is configured correctly.

For example:
sp_monitorconfig "number of dtx participants"
Usage information at date and time: Jun 18 1999 9:00AM. 
Name                          Num_Free   Num_Active  Pct_act   Max_Used
      Reuse_cnt    Instance_Name
----------------------------   --------   ----------  --------  -----------
      --------  ------------------------
number of dtx participant           480           20      4.00           37
          210                       NULL

If the #Free value is zero or very low, new distributed transactions may be unable to start due to a lack of DTX participants. Consider increasing the number of dtx participants value.

If the #Max Ever Used value is too low, unused DTX participants may be consuming memory that could be used by other server functions. Consider reducing the value of number of dtx participants.