Setting the Number of Transaction Descriptors

Once you have determined the number of transaction descriptors to use in your system, use sp_configure to set the value of txn to pss ratio.

txn to pss ratio determines the total number of transaction descriptors available to the server. At start time, this ratio is multiplied by the number of user connections parameter to create the transaction descriptor pool:
# of transaction descriptors = number of user connections * txn to pss ratio

The default txn to pss ratio value, 16, ensures compatibility with earlier versions of SAP ASE. Prior to version 12.0, SAP ASE allocated 16 transaction descriptors for each user connection. In version 12.0 and later, the number of simultaneous transactions is limited only by the number of transaction descriptors available in the server.

You must restart SAP ASE for this change to take effect.

For example, to allocate 25 transaction descriptors for every user connection, use the command:
sp_configure 'txn to pss ratio', 25