Changing Database Ownership

A system administrator might want to create user databases and some of the initial work, then grant ownership of them to another user.

sp_changedbowner changes the ownership of a database, and can be executed only by the system administrator in the database where the ownership is to be changed. The syntax is:

sp_changedbowner loginame [, true ] 
The following example makes the user “albert” the owner of the current database:
sp_changedbowner albert 

The new owner must already have a login name in SAP ASE, but he or she cannot be a user of the database or have an alias in the database. You may have to use sp_dropuser or sp_dropalias before you can change a database’s ownership (see the Reference Manual: Procedures). SeeSecurity Administration Guide > Getting Started with Security Administration in SAP ASE for more information about changing ownership.

Note: You cannot change ownership of the master database; it is always owned by the “sa” login.
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