Database Recovery with the for load Parameter

When you create a new database, SAP ASE generally clears all unused pages in the database device. Use the for load option if you are going to use the database to load from a database dump, either for recovery from media failure or for moving a database from one machine to another. Using for load runs a streamlined version of create database that skips the page-clearing step, and creates a target database that can be used only for loading a dump.

Clearing the pages can take several seconds or several minutes to complete, depending on the size of the database and the speed of your system.

If you create a database using for load, you can run only the following commands in the new database before loading a database dump:

When you load a database dump, the new database device allocations for the database must match the usage allocations in the dumped database.

After you load the database dump into the new database, there are no restrictions on the commands you can use.

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