Using the create database Command

You must have create database permission, and you must be a valid user of master to use the create database command.

Always enter the command use master before you create a new database. See the Reference Manual: Commands.

Note: Each time you enter the create database command, dump the master database. This makes recovery easier and safer in case master is later damaged.

You can create only one database at a time.

In its simplest form, create database creates a database on the default database devices listed in master..sysdevices:
create database newpubs
When a user with the required permission issues create database, SAP ASE:
The new database initially contains a set of system tables with entries that describe the system tables themselves. It inherits all the changes you have made to the model database, including:

After creating a new database, the system administrator or database owner can use sp_adduser to manually add users to the database with sp_adduser. If you are adding new SAP ASE logins, you may also need the system security officer. See Security Administration Guide > Manage SAP ASE Logins and Database Users.