Round-Robin Assignment

Metadata cache spinlocks (configured by the open index hash spinlock ratio, open index spinlock ratio, and open object spinlock ratio parameters) use the round-robin assignment method.

This figure shows one example of the round-robin assignment method and shows the relationship between spinlocks and index metadata descriptors.

Graphic showing four rows of index descriptors. Each row represents the descriptors that a spinlock protects.

Suppose there are 400 index metadata descriptors, or 400 rows, in the index descriptors internal table. You have set the ratio to 100. This means that there are 4 spinlocks: Spinlock 1 protects row 1; Spinlock 2 protects row 2, Spinlock 3 protects row 3, and Spinlock 4 protects row 4. After that, Spinlock 1 protects the next available index descriptor, Index Descriptor 5, until every index descriptor is protected by a spinlock. This round-robin method of descriptor assignment reduces the chances of spinlock contention.