When Pools Cannot Be Dropped Due to Page Use

If the pool you are trying to delete contains pages that are in use, or pages that have dirty reads, but are not written to disk, SAP ASE moves as many pages as possible to the specified pool and prints an informational message telling you the size of the remaining pool.

If the pool size is smaller than the minimum allowable pool size, you also receive a warning message saying the pool has been marked unavailable. If you run sp_cacheconfig after receiving one of these warnings, the pool detail section for these pools contains an extra Status column, that displays either “Unavailable/too small” or “Unavailable/deleted” in the Status column for the affected pool.

You can reissue the system procedure at a later time to complete removing the pool. Pools with “Unavailable/too small” or “Unavailable/deleted” are also removed when you restart SAP ASE.