Setting the Housekeeper to Avoid Washes for Cache

You can use the HK ignore cache option of the cache status parameter to specify that you do not want the housekeeper to perform a wash on a particular cache.

Specifying caches to not include in the wash lets you avoid contention between the housekeeper and cache manager spinlock. Manually set HK ignore cache in the configuration file under each cache’s heading; you cannot use sp_cacheconfig to set HK ignore cache.

This example from the configuration file shows the settings for the named cache newcache:
Named Cache:newcache
     cache size = 5M
     cache status = mixed cache
     cache status = HK ignore cache
     cache replacement policy = DEFAULT
local cache partition number = DEFAULT

You must set HK ignore cache along with either of default data cache, mixed cache, or log parameters. You cannot set the parameter cache status to only HK ignore cache.