Changing the Cache Type

To reserve a cache for use by only the transaction log, change the cache’s type to “logonly.” The change is dynamic.

This example creates the cache pubs_log with the type “logonly:”
sp_cacheconfig pubs_log, "7M", "logonly"
This shows the initial state of the cache:
Cache Name          Status    Type    Config Value Run Value
------------------- --------- -------- ------------ ------------
pubs_log            Pend/Act  Log Only      7.00 Mb      0.00 Mb
                                       ------------ ------------
                                Total               7.00 Mb      0.00 Mb
You can change the type of an existing “mixed” cache, as long as no non-log objects are bound to it:
sp_cacheconfig pubtune_cache, logonly

In high-transaction environments, SAP ASE usually performs best if the default value is twice the server’s logical page size (for a server with 2K logical page size, it is 4K, for a server with 4K logical page size, it is 8K, and so on).. For larger page sizes (4, 8, and 16K) use sp_sysmon to find the optimum configuration for your site.

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