Remote Servers

Some configuration parameters that allow SAP ASE to communicate with other SAP servers such as Backup Server, Component Integration Services, or XP Server, use memory.

These parameters include number of remote sites, number of remote sites, number of remote logins, and remote server pre-read packets.

Set number of remote sites to the number of simultaneous sites you must communicate to or from on your server. If you use only Backup Server, and no other remote servers, you can increase your data cache and procedure cache space by reducing this parameter to 1. The connection from SAP ASE to XP Server uses one remote site.

These configuration parameters for remote communication use only a small amount of memory for each connection:

Each simultaneous connection from SAP ASE to XP Server for ESP execution uses one remote connection and one remote login.

Since the remote server pre-read packets parameter increases the space required for each connection configured by the number of remote connections parameter, increasing the number of pre-read packets can have a significant effect on memory use.