If You Are Upgrading

In versions of SAP ASE earlier than 12.5, configuration values for total logical memory, procedure cache percent, and min online engines automatically calculate the new values for procedure cache size and number of engines at startup.

SAP ASE computes the size of the default data cache during the upgrade and writes this value to the configuration file. If the computed sizes of the data cache or procedure cache are smaller than the default sizes, they are reset to the default.

During the upgrade, SAP ASEs sets:
  • max memory to the value of total logical memory specified in the configuration file. If necessary, reset the value of max memory to comply with the resource requirements.

  • The number of engines in the previous configuration to the number of threads in syb_default_pool.

Use the verify option of sp_configure to verify any changes you make to the configuration file without having to restart SAP ASE:
sp_configure “configuration file”, 0, “verify”, “full_path_to_file