Define Time Ranges

A time range is a contiguous block of time across one or more contiguous days of the week.

SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise includes a predefined “at all times” range, which covers the period midnight through midnight, Monday through Sunday. You can create, modify, and drop additional time ranges as necessary for resource limits.

Named time ranges can overlap. However, the limits for a particular user/application combination cannot be associated with named time ranges that overlap.

For example, assume that you limit “joe_user” to returning 100 rows when he is running the payroll application during business hours. Later, you attempt to limit his row retrieval during peak hours, which overlap with business hours. The new limit fails, because it overlaps an existing limit.

You can create different limits that share the same time range. For example, you can put a second limit on “joe_user” during the same time range as the row retrieval limit. For example, you can limit the amount of time one of his queries can run to the same time range that you used to limit his row retrieval.

When you create a named time range, SAP® ASE stores it in the systimeranges system table. Each time range has a range ID number. The “at all times” range is range ID 1. SAP ASE messages refer to specific time ranges.