Upgrading or Downgrading Shrunken Databases

Upgraded databases may contain replicated tables that are initially setup with sp_reptostandby 'use index', which creates indexes on text and image off-row columns. However, dbcc shrinkdb_setup marks these replication indexes as suspect.

You must drop the suspect indexes before you downgrade SAP ASE to an earlier version. Earlier versions of SAP ASE do not recognize suspect text indexes as being unusable, so SAP ASE versions 15.7 SP100 and later cannot downgrade databases containing suspect text indexes. However, the downgraded database may participate in replication since the affected off-row columns contain the correct backlinking information.

Shrink operations create holes (logical pages pointing to null devices that cannot store data) in database disk maps that older versions of SAP ASE do not recognize. The hole is an allocation unit for which there is no associated physical storage. Database holes can occur in data or logs. You cannot downgrade SAP ASE to a version earlier than:

Fill data holes using alter database … on. Fill log holes using alter database … log on. See the Reference Manual: Commands.