Checking the Reorganization Status

Use information from sp_helpdefrag or the defrag_status built-in function to decide if reorganization must be resumed on a table or if it should start from the beginning.

Additionally, sp_helpdefrag and defrag_status() can also be used to track the status of reorganization of the table when reorg defrag is in progress.

sp_helpdefrag and defrag_status give the percentage of the table or partition reorganized and whether the reorganization is in progress on the table or in an intermittent state to resume.

You must execute sp_helpdefrag in the context of the database where the table resides. If you do not specify a table name, output includes all of the tables in the database which have valid information about defragmentation status.

The syntax for sp_helpdefrag is:
sp_helpdefrag [table_name][, partition_name] 
The syntax for defrag_status is:
defrag_status( dbid, objid [ , ptnid | -1 [, "tag" ] ]