Dump History File

SAP ASE maintains the history of successful and failed backups from dump database and dump transaction commands in a dump history file.

SAP ASE reads the dump history file to restore a database, and generates the load database and load transaction sequences that are required to restore the database to a specific point in time.

Each server instance has a dump history file (located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE) with information about all database dumps and server configuration dumps, successful or not.

Back up dump history files with this syntax, where file_name is the name of your dump history file:
dump configuration with file = dump_hist 
The default dump history file name is dumphist.

Each line in the dump history file represents a dump record. Dumping a database to many stripe devices results in dump records for each stripe device. Dump record fields are separated by tabs.

Dump records include information about:

The dump history file is read and written by SAP ASE. The user starting the server requires appropriate read and write permissions to the dump history file.

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