Restoring a Database in Noninteractive Mode

In SAP ASE 15.7 ESD #2 and later, use sybrestore in noninteractive mode to restore a database to the time of failure from the most current dump history files.

In noninteractive mode, the dump history files must be available.

The current full database dump files are used, along with either:

Start sybrestore with the user name, password, server name, and database name options. For example:

sybrestore -Usa -P -SaseServer1 -Ddba_db

You see the Restore Database wizard, which shows a preview of the SQL to be executed for restoring the database, along with any progress or error messages.

Optionally, you can specify an interfaces file, and a directory for dumping the last transaction log. If you specify a directory for dumping the last transaction log in the sybrestore command, it overrides the default location of the dump directory.

A geometry check, which verifies that the database dump can be loaded successfully into the target database is performed. If dump files do not exist or the geometry check fails, the session is terminated.

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