Preparing for Migration

Make sure that replication from or into each database is complete before initiating migration.

This means that:
  • For a primary database – all changes have been applied to all subscribing databases

  • For a replicate database – all changes to which the database subscribes have been applied

Note: All transactions in the Replication Server inbound and outbound queues must be applied. After migration, there is no way to restore data left in the SAP ASE transaction log.
  1. Log in to the Replication Server and suspend log transfer. Enter:
    suspend log transfer from server.database
  2. Log in to the SAP ASE server, and shut down the RepAgent. Enter:
    use database
    sp_stop_rep_agent database
  3. Suspend all DSI connections to the replicate database. Log in to the Replication Server and enter:
    suspend connection to server.database
  4. Put the Replication Server in hibernation mode. Enter:
    sysadmin hibernate_on, replication_server

Before starting the migration process, sybmigrate records replication information in its log. The information needed to restore the replication information during the postmigration steps can be retrieved from this log.

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