Post-migration Activities

These are additional activities you perform after migration.

Migrate schema objects, configuration information

sybmigrate supports the migration of only the objects listed elsewhere in this document. Manually migrate other schema objects and configuration information to ensure the target SAP ASE server is fully functional.

Statistics from non-index columns

Statistics for indexes are automatically re-created when you rebuild the indexes. However, sybmigrate does not re-create statistics from non-index columns. Any user-defined step values for index statistics are not retained during migration. To obtain target-server-side statistics similar to the source-server-side statistics, use optdiag to identify the tables with non-index columns that include statistics. Once you have determined which non-index columns include statistics, update the statistics manually.


Any message requiring user attention preceded by the word “attention” and logged in the migration log.

Status report

Run the object migrations status report to verify that all objects have been migrated.

Clean up source and target servers
When you no longer need to perform additional sessions (such as to validate or to report), clean up the source and target SAP ASE servers. On the source SAP ASE server and target SAP ASE servers:
  • Drop the temporary working databases mtpdb$%.
  • Drop the repository database sybmigratedb.
  • Drop all remote servers mtrs$%.