drop instance

Removes an instance from the cluster configuration file and updates the Unified Agent Framework (UAF) and discovery services.

drop instance also notifies the cluster that an instance is to be dropped, and removes the instance and interfaces file entries.


drop instance [instance_name]




  • Before you use drop instance:
    • Start at least one instance in the cluster other than the instance you plan to drop.

    • Shut down the instance you plan to drop.

    • Manually remove instance-specific information. drop instance automatically removes the local system temporary database.

  • sybcluster prompts for confirmation before removing the instance.

  • You cannot drop the last instance in the cluster. You must use drop cluster.

drop instance:
  • Removes references to the instance in the interfaces file, the instance entry in the quorum device, and notifies the cluster that the instance has been dropped.

  • Removes entries for multiple and single Backup Servers if they were configured for the instance you are dropping.

  • Drops XP Server and single or multiple Backup Servers if they have been configured for that instance.

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