deploy plugin

Adds the configuration information for a single instance of the cluster to the Unified Agent.

You can use deploy plugin to configure the Unified Agent to manage a cluster if you created the cluster without using the SAP® Control Centeror sybcluster utility, or if you need to re-create the Unified Agent configuration for a cluster. The configuration of a cluster instance is performed by deploying a Unified Agent plug-in.


deploy plugin 
	[ login login_name ] 
	[ password password ] 
	[ agent agent_spec ] 
	[ discovery discovery_spec ]




After you execute deploy plugin, sybcluster prompts you for:
  • Path to the quorum device.

  • Path to the Sybase home directory.

  • Installation mode (private or shared) – the default is shared.

  • Location of your Sybase environment script – this must be a shell script that can be loaded using the “.file_name” syntax, such as “sh” or “bash.” An example is

  • Location of your SAP ASE software directory – the default is <sybase_home_directory>/ASE-15_0. When entering the location of the SAP ASE software directory, include the full path. Do not use $SYBASE.

The dataserver login and password are configured using the login command, which updates all Adaptive Server plug-ins managing the cluster.