create cluster

Creates an SAP ASE shared-disk cluster.

Enter the necessary configuration information interactively, as responses to a series of prompts, or use an input file.


create cluster [cluster_name ]
	[ login login_name ]
	[ password password ]
	[ agent “agent_spec[, agent_spec[, ...]]” ]
	[ discovery “ discovery_spec[, discovery_spec[, ...]]” ]
	[ file “input_file” ]




When you create a cluster, sybcluster prompts for:
  • Cluster name, if one has not been provided.

  • Number of instances.

  • Installation mode for the cluster (private or shared).

  • Complete path to the master, quorum, PCI, systemdb, sybsysprocs, and temporary database devices.

  • Path to the interfaces file, if LDAP is not configured and this is a shared install.

  • (Optional) Trace flags.

  • Complete path to the dataserver configuration file, if this is a shared install.

  • Primary and secondary interconnection protocols.

  • Instance host name, port number, private address, log file location, and start-up arguments.

    If this is a private installation, sybcluster also prompts for the $SYBASE installation directory, SAP ASE home directory, dataserver configuration file location, and interfaces file location (if LDAP is not configured).

If sybcluster detects the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) on the system, sybcluster asks if it should check whether device is managed by VCS.

After you create and confirm the cluster, create cluster prompts for an I/O fencing check, which checks whether or not each device has I/O fencing capability (see the Installation Guide for a description of I/O fencing).