Editor Dialog Box

The Editor dialog box allows you to configure edit settings in Interactive SQL.


Select your scrollbar style preference: vertical, horizontal, or both.

Determines how tabs are used in your SQL text:
  • Tab size – enter the number of spaces you want each tab to comprise.

  • Indent size – enter the number of spaces for each indent.

  • Tab radio buttons – select Insert spaces to convert tabs to spaces when you indent SQL text. Select Keep tabs to retain tabs as spaces when you indent SQL text.

  • Auto indent – Select:
    • None – if you do not want to automatically indent SQL text

    • Default – to use the default tab and indent settings

    • Smart – if you want Interactive SQL to automatically indent SQL text. Select Indent open brace to indent open braces or Indent closing brace to indent the closing braces. Interactive SQL displays how these decisions affect the text in the window below the buttons.

Determines the look of your SQL text:
  • Text Highlighting – select the type of text you want to highlight from the list (keywords, comments, strings, and so on).

  • Foreground – select the foreground color of the text.

  • Background – select the color of the text’s background field.

  • Font size – select the size font.

  • Caret color – determines the color of the caret.

  • Reset All – returns all styles to original selections.

Customizes your printed jobs:
  • Header – enter the header text.

  • Footer – enter the footer text.

  • Font size – select the font size.