Result Dialog Box

The Results dialog box has multiple components that let you configure how your results from Interactive SQL appear.

Display Null Values

Lets you specify how you want nulls to appear in the table columns when you browse data. The default setting is (NULL).

Maximum Number of Rows to Display

Lmits the number of rows that appear. The default setting is 500.

Truncation Length

Limits the number of characters that appear in each column in the Results pane in Interactive SQL. The default setting is 30.

Show Multiple Result Sets

Enables or disables the display of multiple result sets. For example, you can use this feature when you create a procedure containing multiple select statements. If you enable this option, you can see each result set on a separate tab in the Results pane when you call the procedure.

If you are using the jConnect driver, choosing to display multiple result sets requires Interactive SQL to wait for an entire result set to be retrieved before any rows appear. This may result in longer waits for large result sets. This option is off by default.

Show Row Number

Check if you want the row numbers displayed in the result set.

Automatically Refetch Result

Enables or disables the ability of Interactive SQL to automatically regenerate the most recent result set after you execute an insert, update, or delete statement. For example, if you are updating a table with the Results tab in the Results pane displaying the rows about to be affected, this option causes Interactive SQL to automatically refresh the Results tab to reflect the executed changes. This option is on by default.

Console Mode

Select how you want the result sets displayed in the console; only the last result sets, all result sets, or no result sets.


Select which font you want to use for the result set.