Recall Commands

When you execute a command, Interactive SQL automatically saves it in a history list that lasts for the duration of your current session. Interactive SQL maintains a record of as many as 50 of the most recent commands.

Choose one of these commands:
Recall Command Options Description
View the commands list
To view the entire list of commands in the Command History dialog:
  • Press Ctrl-H, or
  • Select the book icon in the toolbar.
Recall a command from a list

The most recent commands appear at the bottom of the list. To recall a command, highlight it and click OK. It appears in the SQL Statements pane.

Recall a command
To recall commands without the Command History dialog:
  • Use the arrows in the toolbar to scroll back and forward through your commands, or
  • Press Alt-RIGHT ARROW and Alt-LEFT ARROW.
Save the commands

Save commands in text files for use in a subsequent Interactive SQL session.